Our Mission
Stangate Management, Inc. will create value for the construction industry by providing support that will enable the contractors and the whole construction team to be more successful.

Guiding Principles
Stangate Management, Inc’s success is defined by the precise execution of detailed plans that will instill reliability in the supply chain.

New Approach
Stangate Management, Inc’s methods will bring consistency to the construction supply chain that will enable more cost effective results.


All logistics activities can be managed more cost effectively by a single management entity (SMI professional management) than by hundreds of subs and suppliers all working independently. And the widespread benefits of this coordination are seen all throughout the construction project supply chain.

Traditionally, a large percentage of materials are shipped directly to the jobsite and are not closely coordinated with other materials or site activities. Deliveries arriving unannounced or poorly identified are extremely difficult for the CM or a sub to deal with efficiently.

By controlling this process, SMI will provide valuable information and support that will make the Subcontractor, and others, more profitable. Beside freight cost, there will be a positive impact on labor crews and materials losses.

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