Our Mission
Stangate Management, Inc. will create value for the construction industry by providing support that will enable the contractors and the whole construction team to be more successful.

Guiding Principles
Stangate Management, Inc’s success is defined by the precise execution of detailed plans that will instill reliability in the supply chain.

New Approach
Stangate Management, Inc’s methods will bring consistency to the construction supply chain that will enable more cost effective results.


There are many areas of improvement relative to construction supply and physical movement of materials. Each aspect offers substantial opportunities by itself but when the areas overlap, as many do, the synergies of integration compound to produce much greater benefit that otherwise are not attainable or even identifiable.

From the beginning, we work with a client to determine which areas offer the greatest opportunities to develop a program that is tailored to the clients needs. We prioritize and sequence the program to maximize early payback.

With SMI logistics improvements and process controls, substantial savings can be obtained in freight, material handling, crew productivity, losses and damage and so on.

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Hidden Profits in Your Supply

Supply Chain Reliability for Contractors

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