Our Mission
Stangate Management, Inc. will create value for the construction industry by providing support that will enable the contractors and the whole construction team to be more successful.

Guiding Principles
Stangate Management, Inc’s success is defined by the precise execution of detailed plans that will instill reliability in the supply chain.

New Approach
Stangate Management, Inc’s methods will bring consistency to the construction supply chain that will enable more cost effective results.


Stangate services revolve around the whole construction supply chain, that is, all Subcontractors and Suppliers.

1) Standardization of logistics processes
2) Manage and control Vendor/Supplier activity
3) ALL transportation
4) ALL on-site physical receipts
5) ALL Inventory Management (Purchase Order control)
6) ALL off-site storage
7) Accommodate off-site pre-assembly or sequencing of components
8) Measure and track events for control and process improvement.

We work with Construction Management firms, Sub-contractors, Suppliers and other vendors to ensure that every detail is planned and executed to perfection. SMI can plan and manage inventory, deliveries, staging stock, and so on. We can also coordinate intermediate processing of any non-curing type materials that require preparation or assembly prior to going to the jobsite.

To realize maximum savings, it is important that SMI be involved very early in any project as most of the cost savings are impacted in the first half of the build cycle long before the actual event. We like to start with site preparation planning or before.

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